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dress product image-S1L2
Vivid HD wrap skirt
- Yellow, Orange, Mint

Hand-made wrap skirt with vivid color

-MIDI length
-Lab format design
-Semi A line

dress model image-S1L10
The vivid color is refreshing just by looking
This is a handmade wrap skirt.

It's good to coordinate with boots or loafers
This is a midi skirt with a high-knee length feeling with good mobility.

Size 26 to 29 in wrap format
Please wear it around to suit your body shape.

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dress model image-S1L13
Main customer product
Because it is a point color that is difficult to wear often
It is a product prepared at a magical special price.

All three colors have a pop color
Black, ivory, gray, navy
Match it with calming colors.
You can complete a pleasant coordination more easily than you think.

dress model image-S1L15

dress model image-S1L17

It is an orange with a deep red and red tinge.

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dress model image-S1L19
dress model image-S1L24
dress model image-S1L25

It is a neon yellow color with a lime feel.
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It is a vivid mint color with a clear tone.
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26 to 29
We recommend.

You can also wear size 25,
It can be worn over the pelvic line.
1. Waist (adjustable by wrap, minimum cross section)
-The measured size above is'length of section'. please note.
-The size may have an error of 1~3cm depending on the measurement method.
-Product color may differ slightly from actual color depending on the resolution of your monitor.
-The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.
Seasonspring fallSummerWinter
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
Wool 90% ,  Nylon 10%
Wash Care
  • Dry cleanDry clean
  • Do Not WringDo Not Wring
  • Do Not BleachDo Not Bleach
A/S information and person in charge
SHOP READY2WEAR 고객센터 / 070-4404-2996

dress -S1L6
●If it does not correspond to the reason for the defect-
· Sewing finish or unclean thread treatment
· The error between the actual size and the actual size (about 1-2cm)
· Simple wrinkles in the product during delivery
· Chalk marks left during the production process
Color differences due to differences in monitor resolution
Product damage due to incorrect opening of packaging
Miscellaneous and all-in-one due to material and color characteristics
· Fine scratches or dents, poor stitching
dress -S1L9