Bruel wrap knit SK
Sand beige / Oatmeal / Brown / Gray / Black
It is a double stop H-line knit skirt of wool cashmere blended.
There are so many knit dresses and knit samples coming in,
Really every day .. ^^ Because it treats cashmere
10 is a repetition of 10 daily returns.

Cashmere skirts are warm and comfortable
It's one of the hardest items because of the high price.

I've been wearing double knit knit skirts from Jill Sander and Loro Piana.
It's a product I wear so often. Wanted to produce 100% cashmere, but double weave knitting
It's an item that I dropped last year because of a huge rising up.

Loro Piana was 100% cashmere, but Jill Sander was a wool-cached blend.
It was really comfortable. And the texture was solid and durable.

So I was looking for a knit skirt knitted with double paper
Remembering what I said in summer at our main knit store
I made a really good value for money like this.

It is a wrap skirt type, but the LP product is designed with the appearance of an uneven skirt spreading instead of the best material.
It was hard to wear unless it was black tights, but this product was made by sewing the upper part.
It is knitted so that it deeply overlaps to the inside so that it does not happen even if the movement is large.

Because it's a lap skirt type, you can go up and down stairs because
It's a product that can be worn without getting any discomfort even when getting on and off the car.

The double weave fabric which can be worn warm enough in the midwinter
This product can be worn comfortably until February.

The detail image is most similar to the actual product color.
Colors may vary depending on your monitor.
사이즈 정보
2.Hip Circ.
-Actual size above is 'length of section'. please note.
-The size may have an error of about 1-3cm depending on the measurement method.
-The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color depending on the resolution of your monitor.
-The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.
착용 정보
Seasonspring fallSummerWinter
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
상세 정보
  • Material
    Cotton 80% ,  Nylon 23% ,  Cashmere 10%
  • Wash Care
    • Dry CleanDry Clean
    • Do Not WringDo Not Wring
    • Do Not BleachDo Not Bleach
  • Color
     Sand Beige, Alpaca, Brown, Gray, Black
  • A / S information and person in charge
    SHOP READY2WEAR 고객센터 / 070-4404-2996